Want to start coding right away?

What do you get when you couple your programming knowledge with the Ideamart platform? An IdeaPro application with endless possibilities!

Imagine you need to send an SMS and get the delivery notification, make an in in-app purchase through the carrier billing or charge a subscription fee for the service your provide! IdeaPro is where you can bring your ideas to life!

NOTE: The mobile number will be converted to a Hash key between the communication between the application and the user to protect privacy.


(Short Message Service)

This is used to send and receive SMS using a HTTP based API. It sends SMS on behalf of the user, check the delivery status of a sent SMS, receive SMSs with a short code etc. You can use this to send a SMS from an application to a mobile phone.

(Direct Carrier Billing)

This monetizes your app with micro-payments. You can retrieve the account balance and other related information of a given subscriber, charge specific amount from a subscriber’s account etc.